Who we are

Desiplast Snc with its over thirty years of experience in the field of injection molding of thermoplastic resins offers customized solutions to its customers in various industrial sectors.

It offers a rich and assorted range of high quality components dedicated in particular to the display-display paper industry, hardware for furniture, lighting technology with IMQ certified products up to the automotive sector.

The existing production facilities allow us to create exclusive and personalized items for third parties.

Desiplast Snc offers its customers an added value for the industrialization of the product, proposing itself as a reference point for companies looking for a reliable partner who takes care of all the phases starting from the design, development of the mold, up to the production of articles in different types of materials, colors and transparencies.

On 2 October 2022 Desiplast receives, in the figure of the founder Ennio Missaglia, the Ambrogino delle Imprese ‘or the’ Business and work ‘awards assigned by Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi to employees and activities for the long-lived and multi-year activity (at least 20 years for individuals, 25 years for companies) carried out in favor of development of the social and economic system.

A demonstration of the fact that companies make the economy. And also the story.